7 Best LED Headlights Conversion Kits – (Buying Guide 2020)

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There are still many cars that come in halogen lights and replacing them with top LED headlights might seem a bit costly but it is in fact a lot cheaper in the long run. Even though the LED may sound old nowadays but it is still considered as a new invention for car LED headlights.

If you don’t know how an LED works then please allow me to explain it to you and I promise it won’t be long! The LED (short for Light-Emitting Diode) is a semiconductor that gives off light when the current passes through it. LED provides bright light without consuming a lot of energy. You probably have seen them a lot in a lot of houses or buildings, but they are becoming popular among the car enthusiasts as well and it is mainly because they are available everywhere and come in many prices.

If your vehicle still has those old halogen light bulbs then it is time to replace them with an LED conversion kits for headlights. They are a little bit expensive compared to the halogen bulbs and there’s a good reason behind it, which is that they save around 80 percent of energy, which simply makes them cheaper in the long run.

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Below, you are going to see a list of 7 best LED headlights conversion kits and the reason why they are in this list.

Best LED Headlight Conversion Kits

Product NameWeightVoltsPrice
SEALIGHT LED Headlight Conversion Kit6.7 oz12 Volts$$
VoRock8 LED Headlight Conversion Kit10.5 oz12 Volts$$
HIKARI Ultra LED Headlight Conversion Kit12 oz12 Volts$$$$
Cougar Motor LED Headlight Conversion Kit0.89 oz12 Volts$$
OPT7 FluxBeam LED Headlight Kit10.5 oz12 Volts$$
H11 LED Headlights Conversion Kit9.6 oz12 Volts$
Glowteck LED Headlight Conversion Kit21.44 oz12 Volts$$$$
Our Pick

SEALIGHT LED Headlight Bulbs Conversion Kit

7 Best LED Headlights Conversion Kits - (Buying Guide 2020) 1

The SEALIGHT LED headlights are perfect for the type of guy who doesn’t want to mess with the headlight housing or cover. You will need no special tools to replace your old halogen bulbs with these new bright LED headlights and the installation process only takes around 10 minutes. They are bright and comes in pure white color LED’s and when on high beam they light up the whole road.

They can also help you improve visibility in the daylight. Additionally, this product is a mix of both performance and life cycle. Even if you are a heavy driver, these LEDs can last for many years. Another great feature of this product is that it comes without any fan but don’t let that worry you because it has a unique feature called smart cooling that dissipates the heat.


  • Quick and Easy Installation
  • Long Lifespan
  • Smart Cooling Technology
  • Improves Daylight Visibility

Best Value

VoRock8 R2 LED Headlight Conversion Kit

7 Best LED Headlights Conversion Kits - (Buying Guide 2020) 2

This headlight conversion kit is an amazing kit that is not only affordable but is compatible with many vehicles. They are very easy to install, which means you won’t be needing to modify the cover of the headlights. These lights are bright to the point where it doesn’t annoy other drivers on the road. It features 6500K white color lights that provides enhanced visibility on the road.

The product features a cold-pressed aviation grade aluminum heat sink that comes with 2 fans that keep the temperature down. It has a compact design and you won’t have any problem while installing them.


  • Compact Aluminum Design
  • 6500K Diamond White Color LED
  • 2 Ball Fans For Heat Dissipation
  • Affordable

Premium Choice

HIKARI Ultra LED Headlight Bulbs Conversion Kit

7 Best LED Headlights Conversion Kits - (Buying Guide 2020) 3

The HIKARI LED Headlights features advanced technology and is one of the best LED headlights in the world! It features a very bright LED’s and an amazing beam pattern. This product can give the 24000lm total output of light and if you don’t know what I mean then in simply words, it is 270 percent brighter than all the stock halogen bulbs. It features a thin heat sink that not only makes the light more focused but it also doesn’t make itself a pain for oncoming drivers.

These lights are perfect for anyone who is sick of their yellow and dim lights. One important thing to keep in mind when purchasing this product is that it comes in various bulb sizes so make sure to purchase it only if it fits your vehicle.


  • High-Tech LED Headlights
  • Brightest Beam
  • Energy Efficient
  • Ultra-Thin Heat Sink


Cougar Motor LED Headlight Bulbs All-In-One Conversion Kit

7 Best LED Headlights Conversion Kits - (Buying Guide 2020) 4

The LED headlights from Cougar are around 2 times brighter compared to the halogen bulbs. Their lights use a new technology that helps eliminate dark spots and keep the beam focused on a spot. It is fairly easy to install it and only takes around 20 minutes or so. The Cougar LED Headlights can continuously give up to 50,000 hours of light, which makes it an ideal product for someone who likes great value.

This product can fit into most vehicles but still make sure to check your vehicle model and see if it is available for it or not. It is a high performance and durable product that can easily withhold extreme weather conditions and it also comes with a lifetime customer support.


  • High Performance
  • 50,000 Hours of Light
  • Lifetime Customer Support
  • Easy To Install


OPT7 FluxBeam LED Headlight Kit

7 Best LED Headlights Conversion Kits - (Buying Guide 2020) 5

The OPT7 LED Headlight Kit offers one of the finest and clear beam of light. It utilizes the power of a new Arc-Beam technology that helps it achieve that perfect beam and gets rid of dark spots and foggy light. Just like the above product, this one also gives you a continuous light for over 50,000 hours. It also features a unique aluminum cooling mechanism that helps maintain the temperature.

Additionally, the product comes with 2 year warranty and a 60 day money back guarantee, which is pretty awesome. Before buying this product, make sure to check if it fits because they come in limited sizes.


  • Perfect Beam of Light
  • 50,000 Hours of Light
  • Dual Fans For Fast Cooling
  • 2 Years Warranty


H11 LED Headlights 360 Degree Conversion Kit

7 Best LED Headlights Conversion Kits - (Buying Guide 2020) 6

This is a great product by LASFIT that not only provides you with an amazing bright light but also reduces dark spots. It also offers a focused beam of light. Just like our previous picks, this one is also super simple to install and the process only takes between 15 to 20 minutes. These headlights are 200 percent brighter compared to the halogen bulbs and even though they are so bright, they do not blind the oncoming traffic.

This product can give you a continuous beam of light for around 50,000 hours, which means it can definitely perform well for many years. Additionally, it comes with a unique aircraft-grade aluminum and turbo cooling fan, which rotate at 15,000 RPM and produce almost no noise.


  • High Quality Aluminum
  • 50,000 Hours of Light
  • 200% Brighter Than Halogen
  • Turbo Cooling Fan


Glowteck LED Headlight Conversion Kit

7 Best LED Headlights Conversion Kits - (Buying Guide 2020) 7

If you are looking for a bright light that produces a wide light pattern then Glowteck LED headlights are perfect for you. This product can fit most cars but you should check the LED size you require before ordering. The installation only takes around 20 minutes, or so but for some vehicles, you might need a professional’s help.

It is made from aviation-grade aluminum and features dual cooling fans that helps dissipate the heat quickly. This product can give you 40,000 hours of continuous light.


  • Pure White Beam
  • 40,000 Hours of Light
  • Adjustable Beam Pattern
  • Dual Cooling Fans

Best LED Headlight Conversion Kit Buying Guide

Buying LED headlights might seem like a simple task but like you know everyday new technologies are being born and the LED headlight industry is also taking benefit from it. Most of the LEDs might look the same to you but there are certain things that one offer and the other one doesn’t. However, there’s no way that a single product will turn out to be useful for everyone of you and that’s because each people have different driving experiences. So, below are given some main features that will help you decide whether or not should you select that LED lights for cars.

Legality of LED lights

The first and foremost thing to look for in an LED headlight is whether your state allows it or not. There are different rules for different states but mainly they should be legal on the road and a good way to find that is with the projection of the beam. Look for an LED that gives around 50 or 100 meters of visibility because then you’d be on the safe side. But that doesn’t apply to all the states. So, make sure to find out what your state allow before purchasing LED headlight conversion kits.


It is an important part that you should never ignore no matter how confident you are about your car. Make sure to check the size and type of the bulbs in your car before buying the headlights. If you are unable to find the type of your headlights then you can simply google your car model or look in the car manual.


Another thing to look for in a best LED headlight is the lifespan of the lights. The lowest lifespan that an LED can give you is 30,000 hours, which is not bad if you compare them with the halogens because they only give you 6,000 hours of light. The high quality LED headlights can give you up to 50,000 years of light, which means they can easily last for 5 years or more. Always look for an LED headlight conversion kit that offers a powerful fan to dissipate heat so that they can last longer. The lifespan also depends on how much you drive in the night. If you are a guy like me who barely takes his car out at night then expect a higher life expectancy.


Normally, LED lights cost a little more than halogen bulbs but compare them both in the long run then you will find LEDs cheaper than halogens. If a product is cheap then prepare yourself for some drawbacks like lumen counts will lower, which means it will have a lower light intensity and they won’t have a long lifespan. The costly models will likely give you better lumen counts and lifespan.


There are many LEDs that comes with a warranty and the industry standard is two years and to be honest, it is more than enough. Most of the times, you won’t have to claim the warranty as they tend for few years. There are also many famous LED headlights brands that offer even three years of warranty. Apart from the warranty, some manufactures also offer free lifetime support, which is really great.

Types of LED Headlights

Below are given two main types of LED headlights:

  1. Single Beam: The single beam LED can only perform a single function for example you won’t be able to have high or low beam at the same time, only one will function at a given time. In case if you want to change your regular lights with single beam LEDs then you will need two of them, one for the high beam and one for the low beam to power a single headlight.
  2. Dual Beam: Unlike the single beam, this one can perform both functions at the same time. You won’t be needing separate bulbs for high and low beams because a single Dual-Beam bulb will be able to perform both functions flawlessly. Many vehicles already come with dual-beam lights. You will only need a single dual-beam bulb per headlight like best h13 LED headlight bulbs are perfect for cars with dual beam headlights.

Benefits of LED Headlights

There are countless benefits of LED headlights and I will try my best to include them all. It is no doubt that LEDs are becoming more and more popular with each passing day and there have been some advancements in this field that contributes towards its popularity as well. If you are still having doubts about getting an LED headlight conversion kit then below are given some benefits of LEDs that will sure make you think your decision about them.

  1. Energy Efficient

The best LED headlights are very energy efficient and that is a good thing not only for you but for the environment as well. They operate at a very low power level and that what makes them super long lasting. Since they operate at a low power, they won’t drain out the battery and it may not be interesting for petrol/diesel car owners but it plays an important role if you own an electric vehicle.

  1. Long Lifespan

The great thing about LED headlights is no matter which LED you purchase, they are going to give you a longer life compared to your old Halogen headlights. To put that into perspective, the Halogen bulbs last for 6,000 hours whereas an LED light can give you a minimum of 30,000 hours of continuous light.

  1. Bright Light

LED lights are very bright and can help you to drive your car safely in the night. They allow you to see up to 100 meters ahead in the dark, which is way more than halogen bulbs. It might not interest the people who live, and mostly drive their car in the city but it is a major deal for people who often drive or live in the country side. The LED lights also come with the latest anti-glare technology that doesn’t annoy the oncoming traffic like in the older days of LED.

  1. Easy and Quick Installation

It is very easy to replace LED lights by yourself and it only takes around 15 minutes or so. When you purchase an LED headlight conversion kit then it comes with an instruction manual that contains all the necessary things that will help you perform the headlight replacement procedure more easily. One common mistake to avoid when installing LED headlights is to make sure to check the light position and see if it doesn’t distract the oncoming drivers.


Q: Will I Get Pulled Over For LED Lights?

LED lights aren’t illegal unless you get a light that projects a beam of light that is more than 100 meters. Each state has its own rules and regulations about the LED headlights so make sure to check your state’s website about that.

Q: Why Should I Get An LED Instead of Halogen Bulb?

LED headlights are very durable and offer a longer life than halogen bulbs and will work perfectly fine in any weather condition. Halogen bulbs give off heat, whereas an LED doesn’t and that’s why they last longer. They are very bright and help you see more clearly in the night than halogen headlights.

Q: Do LED Headlights Save Power?

Yes, they are very energy efficient compared to the old halogen bulbs and that’s the main reason why many people switch over to them. The power that a common LED headlight can draw ranges between 30 to 60 watts.

Q: Will LED Lenses Change Their Color To Yellow Overtime?

There are many manufacturers that offer an LED headlights made from a material known as polycarbonate that offers ultraviolet additive and that has no effect of sunlight on it. Even after that, they come with an extra layer of security that helps give them further protection.

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