Easy Ways To Clean Car Headlights At Home

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Many people judge a car by looking at its headlights and if they are foggy then they simply move on and ignore it, no matter how amazing the car’s condition is from the inside, they’ll simply let it go. Or maybe you are like who really hates those foggy and ugly looking headlight lenses and want to make them shiny and crystal clear like they used to be then you are at the right place.

Like any other material on this planet, plastic is also the type of material that isn’t immune to wear and tear. The main enemies of you headlights are sunlight and debris.

Dull headlights not only look ugly but they also allow less light to pass through them and that can be a bit of a problem if you are driving at night. Now, it isn’t just limited to the beauty of the vehicle but it also affects your safety too. An easier way to fix them would be to get them replaced or polished at a mechanic’s shop but they can be costly and that’s where this guide comes into play. In this guide, you are going to learn few DIY techniques that will allow you to clean headlights at home. The methods explained in this guide aren’t just cost effective but they also take less time than taking your car to a mechanic.

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You’d be amazed to know how easy it is to restore your headlights to their original shape. Below this line, you are going to see few methods that are tested personally and have proven to be very effective in restoring your vehicle’s headlights.

How To Clean Car Headlights At Home

Method 1: Toothpaste

Many people have already heard about this method and most don’t even believe it, but they do indeed work well. They are not going to turn your headlights into brand new but they are proven to be very effective.

The reason why it works is that the toothpaste contains abrasion properties that help in removing the fog and dirt from the headlight lenses. It is often known that the headlight surface contains properties that are similar to the plaque and as you already know, the main motive of the toothpaste is to get rid of it.

This method works well on a headlight with a medium to low level of fogginess. Below is given the step-by-step instructions to apply this method:

  • Grab a toothpaste. Make sure to avoid toothpastes that have crystals in them because they might scratch your car.
  • Gently apply some amount of toothpaste to a small cloth and start applying it on the headlight. Maintain the circular motion until you begin to notice some results.
  • Keep rubbing until the toothpaste disappears or becomes almost invisible. Then, grab a clean cloth and wipe the excess off.

Method 2: Baking Soda and Vinegar

This is another method that is tested personally by myself and it proved to be more effective than the toothpaste one. But just like method 1, this also works well on a light foggy lense. It greatly reduces the dullness and fogginess in the headlights. The application of this method is also very similar to the previous one. Please refer below for a step-by-step tutorial on applying this mixture on your headlights:

  • Clean the headlights with nice and dry piece of cloth.
  • Mix equal amounts of both substances in a bowl.
  • Grab a piece of cloth and dip it in the mixture and rub that cloth on the headlights. Keep rubbing it in a circular motion until you start to notice the dullness or yellowish color disappearing.
  • Once done, wipe it off with a clean cloth and for an extra touch, apply a little polish on the headlights.

So, these were our two DIY methods of cleaning headlights at home. But there’s also another method that is very effective than the DIY methods and that is known as Restoration Kits. If you’ve never heard about them before then they are simply a kind of DIY kits that will help you restore headlights easily. They are cost effective and provide amazing results. Even some mechanics use them to get rid of dullness and yellowish color from the headlights.

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