5 Best Touch Screen Stereos For Your Car – Buying Guide 2021

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Nowadays, touchscreens can be found on many things, from smartphones to your home refrigerator. So, why not your car, too? It is the easiest way to control the multimedia or other features of your vehicle. No more looking for different buttons on the dash or dials in the center console. Just tap a button, and the job is done.

Best Touch Screen Car Stereos

A touch screen stereo isn’t just used to hear and switch music, but it also allows you to control numerous other car features like Bluetooth, back camera, etc. It acts as a complete control center for your vehicle. There are many touch screen stereos out there, but not all of them fulfill their promises. So, we’ve created this list of best touch screen car stereos that only contain the highest-rated products and are beloved by their customers.

After finishing our thorough research, we’ve found these fantastic touch screen stereos that you should purchase for your vehicle.

Product NameScreen SizeRatingPrice
BOSS Audio Systems BCPA9685RC6.75 inch4.0$$$$
DDX770 Car DVD Player Touch Screen LCD7 inch3.9$$
Pioneer AVH-210EX Touchscreen Stereo6.2 inch4.4$$$$
BOSS Audio BV9364B Touchscreen Stereo6.2 inch4.1$
Power Acoustik PD-710B7 inch3.6$$$
Our Pick

BOSS Audio Systems BCPA9685RC

5 Best Touch Screen Stereos For Your Car - Buying Guide 2021 1

The BOSS offers excellent features at a great price. If you are a fan of Apple CarPlay or Android Auto, then this is a perfect touch screen system for you. It also comes with a rearview camera and a microphone to answer all your calls conveniently. This product is an ideal mix of budget and quality. It offers all the features that you’d find in an expensive touch screen stereo only. Additionally, the design of this product is really modern and looks fantastic.

However, it doesn’t come with a CD drive and doesn’t contain any physical buttons. Because of that, the screen looks a lot bigger than it actually is. The installation is pretty straight forward and if you get stuck at any point, then just take a look at the instruction manual, which is very detailed and explains everything.


  • Affordable
  • Easy Installation
  • 3-Year Warranty
  • Comes With Rear Camera

Best Value

DDX770 Car DVD Player Touch Screen LCD

5 Best Touch Screen Stereos For Your Car - Buying Guide 2021 2

The DDX770 Touch Screen Stereo is made by Kenwood, a well-known name in the car audio system industry. They are famous for creating reliable products, and this one is also not an exception. This product is really great and will be a great addition to your car. This Kenwood product features a 7 inch HD touchscreen display and other standard features like AM/FM, Bluetooth, CD/DVD reader.

Additionally, the product also comes packed with a rear camera that turns on automatically when you put your car in reverse gear and is of great help when reversing your vehicle. Apart from that, another great feature of this product is that it allows you to turn its display off by holding the mute button for a couple of seconds. The only downside of this product is that it weighs a little too much and is a bit bulky, so you may have to clear up some space on your dashboard.


  • 7-inch HD Display
  • Compatible With iPhone & Android
  • Easy To Install
  • Voice Control

Best Overall

Pioneer AVH-210EX Touchscreen Stereo

5 Best Touch Screen Stereos For Your Car - Buying Guide 2021 3

The Pioneer AVH-210EX is an excellent product with even more outstanding audio quality and a fantastic touch screen panel. It has all the necessary features like Bluetooth, USB, SD, CD/DVD. This product offers excellent style with fantastic performance. The screen is 6.2 inches, which isn’t that big, but it feels like it is. Pioneer is famous for delivering excellent products, and this one is no exception.

It also allows you to browse your smartphone’s entire music library on the touch screen itself, and it also enables you to control your iPhone/iPad with it. The touchscreen on this unit is very responsive and works great. The volume buttons are located in an unusual position. They are located above the menu button, so you may need some time to get flexible with that odd volume button position.


  • High-Quality Touchscreen
  • 6.2 Inch Display
  • Compatible with iPhone and Android
  • Includes Free Earbuds


BOSS Audio BV9364B Touchscreen Car Stereo

5 Best Touch Screen Stereos For Your Car - Buying Guide 2021 4

This is another product from BOSS, and it is targeted towards people who want an affordable touch screen stereo for their cars. But with lower prices comes lower features. It doesn’t come with Apple CarPlay or Android Auto, but it is completely justified for this price point. It is basically a budget touchscreen car stereo that comes with all the essential features you’d find in a car stereo like Bluetooth, FM/AM, USB, DVD/CD, etc.

The great thing about this product is that it also comes with a rear camera even though it’s a budget stereo. The screen of this product is mediocre and is around 6.2 inches, which is a bit small. It features little covers on audio and USB ports, which helps prevents dust particles. It also contains a volume wheel that allows you to easily increase or decrease volume when listening to music.


  • Budget Car Stereo
  • Easy To Install
  • Comes With Many Ports
  • Rear Camera


Power Acoustik PD-710B

5 Best Touch Screen Stereos For Your Car - Buying Guide 2021 5

The Power Acoustik PD-710B is a perfect touchscreen car stereo for those who own old model vehicles. It is made for single DIN, which means it can easily fit on almost any car. It is a good product, but it isn’t perfect. If you are looking for a car stereo and are on a tight budget, this product might help you. The good thing about this product is that it takes significantly less dashboard space.

The product features a 7-inch touchscreen, and the screen quality is acceptable, and the audio works fine. It does come with all the necessary features like Bluetooth, USB, and CD/DVD drive. Even though it’s a budget stereo, but it does include a rear camera.


  • Single DIN Installation
  • 7-inch Touchscreen
  • CD/DVD drive and Bluetooth
  • Affordable

Best Touch Screen Stereos – Buying Guide

Many people confuse stereo with the head unit. So, a stereo is a unit that contains your car’s entire multimedia system, for example, speakers, amp, etc. Whereas a head unit is just the thing that is placed on your dashboard. Now, let’s talk about touch screen stereos!

You can find tons of companies that are selling car stereos. It can be quite challenging to decide which one to buy when there are so many options to choose from. That is why we’ve created this buying guide that will help you findthe best touch screen stereos for your car.

So, below are given some essential features that you should look for in a stereo before buying a touch screen car stereo:

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The first thing that you should look for in a car stereo is that either it is compatible with your smartphone or not. Whether you own an iPhone or Android, make sure that it is compatible with your phone and the type of smartphones that any of your household members own. In simple words, you should look for a product that can support both Android and iOS devices.

Screen Size

Make sure to pick a touch screen stereo that isn’t too big or too small. If you don’t want to squint your eyes to see the display, then go with the bigger ones. The bigger screen allows you to quickly find and tap icons, and it will also help you read the song/artist name much more easily. Some touch screen stereos come with split-screen functionality, which won’t look good at a tiny display.

Input Options

Always look for a stereo that offers various input options like CD/DVD, Bluetooth, Aux, USB, and SD card readers. Whichever means of connectivity you prefer, you should look for that in the stereo you are buying. In my case, the most important ports for me are the Aux and USB ports. I don’t use USB often, but I use it to recharge my device. So, always look for these essential features in a car stereo.

Voice Control

You don’t want to be looking at the screen to find the button to change or shuffle through playlist when driving because that is dangerous, and that puts your safety at risk. So, always choose a stereo that you can control with your voice. A good touch screen stereo will take care of all the things using a voice like make phone calls, eject CD/DVD, change songs, etc. It helps you keep your eyes on the road and makes it so easy to use.

Rearview Camera

A good car stereo comes equipped with a rearview camera. A rearview camera is handy when reversing or reverse parking. The rearview camera automatically opens when you put your vehicle in reverse gear. Most companies also have sensors embedded in the camera unit that alerts you when you are near an obstacle.


If you are like me who can’t stand poor quality music, then you should buy a touch screen stereo that comes with an equalizer. The equalizer allows you to adjust various settings like bass, treble, etc., to help get the best quality sound out of your stereo.

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We hope that this buying guide helped you differentiate between a bad and the best car touchscreen stereos. We’ve explained everything about finding the best touch screen car stereo, now it’s up to you to select one for your vehicle.

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