Top 8 Best Car Seat Covers – Buying Guide

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Car seat cover isn’t a type of accessory that is going to change the whole look of your car, but they are really necessary to keep the interior of your car brand new. There are some removable car seat covers that come with really cool shapes and colors but ultimately they are meant to keep the seats clean. They help protect your car seats against dirt, spillage, sweat, and mud.

There is a wide variety of car seats available out there and it is not an easy task to shop one for yourself because there are so many choices available. There are a bunch of those seat covers that offer poor quality for a whole lot of money. They are useless and they won’t last very long.

Best Car Seat Covers

That is the reason why we have written this buying guide so that you can easily get the best car seat covers. All the reviews included in this post are completely unbiased, based on the experience and other people’s reviews. In each section you can read our mini review along with their features. In the end is given a buyer’s guide that will further help you in finding the best seat covers for your car.

Product NameWeightRatingsPrice
EDEALYN Car Seat Cover2.64 pounds4.7 $$$
FH Group Universal Fit Flat Cloth Pair Bucket Seat Cover0.5 pounds3.9$$
AULLY PARK Universal Waterproof Car Seat Cover0.8 pounds4.1$
Gorla Premium Black Universal Waterproof Car Seat Cover1.45 pounds4.6$$
Sojoy Universal Car Seat Cover1.9 pounds4.3$$$
Leader Accessories Waterproof Car Seat Cover0.95 pounds4.4$$
Lusso Gear Car Seat Protector1.4 pounds4.8$
OASIS AUTO Leather Car Seat Covers12.2 pounds4.3$$$$
Our Pick

EDEALYN Car Seat Cover

Top 8 Best Car Seat Covers - Buying Guide 1

The EDEALYN driver and passenger seat cover is one of the best seat cover you can buy for your vehicle. It is our top pick and it should be yours too! Because this product passes almost all of our tests. This is a leather seat cover that is very comfortable especially for the people who drive on long routes. Furthermore, the covers come with a strap that keeps the seat in its position all the time.

It is really easy to install this seat cover and offers airbags compatibility. Since it is made from leather material, this seat cover can last for a long while and withholds tears and rips. Additionally, it gives you a wide variety of colors to choose from. So, you are guaranteed to find the color or design you are looking for in a seat cover.


  • High Quality Leather Material
  • Heat Insulated Cover
  • Protection Against Spills, Wear and Tear
  • Easy Installation

Best Value

FH Group Universal Fit Flat Cloth Pair Bucket Seat Cover

Top 8 Best Car Seat Covers - Buying Guide 2

These are another great car seat covers that also includes covers for your seat headrest. It features universal size, which means it can fit in most car seats. It is made from a premium quality polyester material that is both durable and comfortable. You can also wash these seat covers in your washing machine and they are available in a variety of different colors. Furthermore, they are very easy to install and remove because of the straps that they come with.

These seat covers are very affordable and offer great value. They also are compatible with heated seats, which means they are not going to block the head coming out of the heated seats. They aren’t the perfect seat covers for your vehicle but considering the price point, they are pretty great!


  • One Size Fits All
  • Durable & Comfortable Fabric
  • Machine Washable
  • Affordable


AULLY PARK Universal Waterproof Car Seat Cover

Top 8 Best Car Seat Covers - Buying Guide 3

These seat covers are great and they are made especially for athletes because they repel moisture, which means no sweat, dirt, stains will every come close to these seat covers. They are easy to wash and they protect your seats from all sorts of stuff that is harmful for your car seats. You won’t have no problem installing these best seat covers because they are so simple and it literally only takes few seconds to install them.

They are available in two main colors, black and gray, and they are made from durable polyester material which comes with two layers of protection hence making them ideal for fitness fanatics. Additionally, the seat covers are firm and stays in their position. However, some reviews suggest that these covers tear after using them for awhile.


  • Easy To Install
  • Perfect For Athletes
  • Machine Washable
  • Polyester Material


Gorla Premium Black Universal Waterproof Car Seat Cover

Top 8 Best Car Seat Covers - Buying Guide 4

These seat covers from Gorla are of the premium quality and that’s why they are a bit expensive than all the other items on this list. These covers are waterproof, which means they are there to protect your original leather seat covers from various harmful items like stains, sweat, dirt, and other things. These seat covers come with anti-slip feature, which makes them firm and stay perfectly on their position. It has bunch of other features that makes it distinguishable from other affordable options.

They are very durable and portable because they come with a strap that allows you to roll them up and put a strap around them to easily store them. These seat covers are also machine washable and come in three colors that are black, gray and beige.


  • Premium Quality
  • Includes Buckle For Easy Storage
  • Machine Washable
  • Easy Installation


Sojoy Universal Car Seat Cover

Top 8 Best Car Seat Covers - Buying Guide 5

This seat cover from Sojoy offers comfort and durability that you won’t find elsewhere. This product is a mix of value and quality. These seat covers will protect your car seats in all kinds of conditions. They are available in six different colors, which are; black, gray, tan, dark gray, black, and white, brown, and tan. They are pretty easy and straightforward to install and they can fit in almost any car.

These seat covers have a firm grip, which makes them stick to their position and that’s because the back of these seat covers are made of an anti-slip material. These covers are great especially in the summer because they don’t get hot. They also come with a buckle and strap that allow you to easily roll them up and store them safely.


  • Breathable Fabric
  • Easy Installation
  • Machine Washable
  • Protection Against Sweat and Dirt


Leader Accessories Waterproof Car Seat Cover

Top 8 Best Car Seat Covers - Buying Guide 6

These seat covers are premium and a bit expensive than the rest. The Leader Accessories seat covers come with a great high-quality design and are available in bunch of different colors and styles. They are available in two materials, one is a towel material and another one is faux leather material, which look amazing. These seat covers are waterproof and can easily absorb moisture. Additionally, these covers come with anti-slipping material on their back that holds them in their position.

These seat covers are very easy to install and are machine washable. Furthermore, they come with a strap that allows you to wrap them up for storage purposes. The faux leather ones are also durable and waterproof. Even though they are made from leather, but they are pretty breathable and comfortable.


  • Different Styles and Colors
  • Comfortable
  • Easy Installation
  • Waterproof


Lusso Gear Car Seat Protector

Top 8 Best Car Seat Covers - Buying Guide 7

If you are looking for a simple padded car seat cover then Lusso Gear is here to help you. This product is great for someone who wants a simple and basic car seat protector because this product contains straps that go around the headrest. It has firm grip and enough area to properly protect your car seats. This product is available in five colors, which are; black, grey, red, brown and tan.

These seat covers are made from PVC leather and few other materials that makes it water resistant and easy to clean. There are around 8 layers of fabric in these seat covers that ensures complete protection against all sorts of harmful stuff like stains, sweat, dirt, etc. They also come with three pockets that come in handy when storing important stuff.


  • Anti-Slip Material
  • Highly Durable
  • Water Resistant
  • Padded

Premium Choice

OASIS AUTO Leather Car Seat Covers

Top 8 Best Car Seat Covers - Buying Guide 8

These car seat covers from OASIS AUTO are designed especially for people who like premium stuff for their cars. They are really stylish leather seat covers that are available in various different colors like black, burgundy, tan and black/red. Additionally, you can purchase these covers just for your two front seats or for your entire vehicle. However, they do require around 57 inches of space under the rear seats.

Unlike all the prevous seat covers on this list, these aren’t easy to install but there’s a complete step-by-step instruction video that is going to guide you through the whole process. These seat covers ensure 100% protection to your car seats and you will never have to worry about spillage or other things.


  • Faux Leather Material
  • Different Styles & Colors
  • Available For Two or Four Seats
  • 30 Day Money-Back Guarantee

Best Car Seat Covers Buying Guide

Buying a car seat cover for your vehicle might seem like a pretty straightforward and simple task. You just go on the Amazon and type “car seat covers” and that’s all! Well, let me tell you that if you actually went that way then chances are you are going to end up with a useless product. But you might get lucky and find the best car seat cover for your vehicle but the chances of that happening are very slim. So, in order to get you the perfect car seat cover, we’ve prepared this small guide that will help you find it.

Before going into the actual guide, let us first discuss about the advantages of having a seat cover. The main advantage of them is that they keep you car seats clean and protected from all sorts of harmful things like dirt, stains and bacteria. They also reflect UV rays, which means that they don’t get hot in the summers and protect your car seats from being worn off due to the sunlight exposure. By keeping you car in good condition, you will not only feel good but also maintain its resale value. Apart from that, you will also save money on cleaning because it is a little costly to get your interior cleaned and if you keep it clean already then you won’t need any interior cleaning services.

Types of Car Seat Covers

There are bunch of car seat covers out there in the market. All the seat covers that are listed above have one thing common and that is their water resistant ability. Almost all of them use neoprene material which stops water from getting inside the fabric.

The leather seat covers are more like the top-of-the-line variant in seat covers and that’s because they are the perfect mix between style and comfort. They look really great and give your car’s interior a whole new look and they are highly durable and can be easily cleaned. Most people prefer these type of seat covers because they make their car look like brand-new.

The most popular type of seat covers are the fabrc seat cover. They are pretty affordable compared to the leather ones and they are famous for their durability. They are mostly available in universal sizes, which means they can fit in almost any car. They are commonly made from breathable materials like polyester, velour, etc.

How To Find The Perfect Seat Cover For Your Car

Finding the perfect seat cover for your car isn’t as difficult as it may seems. It mainly depends on what you are looking for in a seat cover. Are you looking for a seat cover to just protect your car seats and keep them in brand-new condition or are you looking for something that provides comfort and durability? Below, you are going to see some of the key features to look for in a car seat cover.

  1. Material: Material is a key thing to keep in mind when shopping for a seat cover. Different materials have different advantages and disadvantages over one another. So, make sure to choose the right one. Leather and neoprene materials allows protection against water and moisture. They are pretty easy to clean and are very durable.
  2. Comfort: Everyone loves comfort and most people shop for a car seat cover just to add comfort to their seats. So, make sure to look for comfortability because no one likes hard or stiff seats.
  3. Durability: The most important thing to look for in a seat cover is durability because no one likes to change their seat covers over and over again. Find the one that’s got the best durability rating because that’s going to make your life so much easier.

So, that’s all the things that you should keep in mind when shopping for a seat cover for your vehicle. In the end, it all comes down to your requirements. So, ensure that all your requirements are filled when buying a product.

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