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If you are looking for something to lift up your vehicle so you can perform some maintenance then a floor jack might help you. Floor jacks allow you to quickly change your vehicle’s tires, rotors, oil, brakes, etc. When it comes to lifting heavy items like SUVs, ATVs, Trucks or any other kind of vehicle then it necessary that you get yourself the best floor jack because a cheap one can cause serious injuries.

There are bunch of factors to consider when purchasing a floor jack. The first thing that you should look for is the material that it is made of and the weight of the jack, is it heavy or not. Floor jacks are incredibly useful but if only used with caution, things can turn horrible if a single thing goes against the plan. But you don’t have to worry about that as we’ve already written an article on our website that shows how to use floor jack safely. So, make sure to follow all the safety guidelines that comes with the jack itself.

Best Floor Jacks – 2021

The market of floor jacks is pretty vast and that’s why we’ve created this article so that you don’t have to research to get a good floor jack for yourself. Below, you will see a list of best floor jack review that features top 10 items that are worth your attention. Each item in the list, has its own advantages and disadvantages. This guide will help you buy floor jack that perfectly fits your needs.


Arcan 3-Ton Quick Rise Aluminum Floor Jack

Best Floor Jacks 1

The Arcan 3-Ton Quick Rise Aluminum Floor Jack is a great product that has a lifting capacity of 3 tons, which is more than enough to lift most vehicles. This jack offers bunch of great features that makes it super easy to lift heavy items. The product features dual pumping mechanism that provides secure and smooth lifting experience for weights up to 3 tons. It also comes with a pawl lock that stop items from sliding away while also providing easy adjustments.

The product features a large saddle along with locating lugs that allows you to put the vehicle frame in correct position. Additionally, it offers super strong base pads that stops it from sinking in the ground. It has great built quality which is definitely going to last for years.


  • Dual Pumping Pistons
  • 3 Tons Lifting Capacity
  • Safety Valves
  • Lightweight and Strong Aluminum


Blackhawk B6350 Fast Lift Floor Jack

Best Floor Jacks 2

The Blackhawk Floor Jack features strong durability and quick lift. It offers lifting capacity of 3.5 tons, which is more than enough to lift usual vehicles and some trucks too. The product is made from a strong steel material, which makes it last for a very long time. Since it is made mostly of steel, it sure is heavy and that is why it comes with a pair of rotatory wheels which helps in transport and positioning it under the vehicle.

The only downside of this product is that it requires jack stands to be used with it. It can only lift the heavy items and not support it and for that task you will need to have a pair of jack stands with you. Other than that, this product is perfect for home garages.


  • Made From Heavy Duty Steel
  • 3.5 Tons Lifting Capacity
  • Rotatable Wheels
  • Safety Valves


Powerbuilt Xtra Low Profile Floor Jack

Best Floor Jacks 3

The Powerbuilt Xtra Low Profile Floor Jack is an amazing lifting tool that is specially made for people who like to work their magic on custom, classic or modified vehicles. The reason its called “Xtra Low Profile” is because it only requires 2.75 inches of space to slide in and it can lift vehicles up to 15 inches. It also comes with a safety bar that secures the jack when it is raised up.

The Powerbuilt Xtra Low Profile Floor Jack is a great tool for vehicles where positioning of jack stand is near impossible. This jack offers up to 2 tons of lifting capacity, which is enough to lift any consumer grade vehicle.


  • 2 Tons Lifting Capacity
  • Low Profile Floor Jack
  • Lift Vechiles Up To 15 Inches High
  • Best For Modified Cars


Pro-Lift Gray Low Profile Floow Jack

Best Floor Jacks 4

The Pro-Lift Gray Low Profile Floor Jack is a great product that is also specially designed for cars with low ground clearance. It is made from a very tough and strong steel material that provides top-of-the-line durability and strength. It can last for a very long time without requiring much maintenance. It goes up to 14 inches high when it is raised. Additionally, it also comes with a pumping mechanism that stops it from over pumping.

The product comes with a safety valve that triggers on overload. It is a great product that not only is very affordable but also features amazing built quality. It is a perfect item for car enthusiasts with modified or custom vehicles. The jack has a maximum lifting capacity of 2 tons.


  • High Quality Steel Material
  • 2 Ton Lifting Capacity
  • Safety Valce
  • Low Profile Floor Jack


Powerzone 3 Ton Aluminum and Steel Floor Jack

Best Floor Jacks 5

The Powerzone 3 Ton Aluminum and Steel Floor Jack is another amazing addition to this list. It is made with a mix of lighweight Aluminum and Steel, which makes it very durable. The jack features rubber padded saddle and foam covered handle which protects the frame of the vehicle. This product features quick lifting mechanism that not only saves time but also comes equipped with a safety valve that triggers when the given load limit exceeds.

This jack offers a maximum of 3 tons lifting capacity that is more than enough for lifting different kinds of vehicles. It is mostly used in professional garages but can also be stored and used in your home garage. It also comes with rotatary wheels that allows for easy transportation and positioning.


  • 3 Ton Lifting Capacity
  • Made From Aluminum and Steel
  • Rapid Lifting Mechanism
  • Rotatory Rear Wheels


Torin Hydraulic Floor Jack With Extra Saddle

Best Floor Jacks 6

The Torin Hydraulic Floor Jack is an amazing lifting tool that support weights up to 3 tons. This floor jack isn’t only great for sedans or hatchbacks but can also be used with SUVs and trucks. It comes big steel casters and swivel casters that allows you to change its position quite easily. The jack features long saddle neck that allows you to lift heavy vehicles like SUVs or trucks. That extra long saddle neck provides you with an additional 9 inches of ground clearance.

This product is portable and only weighs around 43 pounds. It also comes with a rapid lift function that allows you to raise the jack to any height you like. Furthermore, it has a safety mechanism that triggers when you overload the jack. This jack is perfect for any light work but if you are looking for something that is strong, durable and suitable for heavy work load then you might need to look at another option.


  • Lightweight and Portable
  • Ideal For SUVs and Trucks
  • 3 Tons Lifting Capacity
  • Quick Lift Mechanism


Craftsman 2 Ton Aluminum Jack

Best Floor Jacks 7

The Craftsman Aluminum Jack is often used and preferred by professional mechanics and it is very likely that you might spot one in a mechanic’s garage. It features great built quality that allows it to last for a very long time. This product offers a portable design and it can get inside pretty easily requiring just a little bit of space. The maximum amount of load you can lift with this bad boy is 2 tons, which means it can easily lift small to mid-sized vehicles.

The saddle on this jack is pretty strong and offers such a unique shape that increases support and contact against the vehicle. Lifting process is very smooth and stable regardless the amount of weight you’ve put on the jack. Furthermore, it also comes with a safety valve that goes off when overloading.


  • Professional Grade Floor Jack
  • 2 Ton Lifting Capacity
  • Portable and Compact
  • Amazing Built Quality


Pittsburg Automotive Heavy Duty Steel Car Jack

Best Floor Jacks 8

The Pittsburgh Automotive Steel Car Jack is an amazing floor jack that is specially made for bigger vehicles like SUVs and trucks. However, that doesn’t mean that it can’t be used on sedans or hatchbacks. Since this jack is made mostly from steel, it is a bit heavy and weighs around 79 pounds. So, it is a little difficult to maneuver this thing. The saddle on this floor jack isn’t as good as the overall quality of the jack. It isn’t that bad but some have reported that it causes scratches.

However, few doesn’t define everyone. Your experience might be different with this thing. This product offers maximum of 3 tons lifting capacity. Additionally, it also comes with wide steel casters that provides great stability.


  • Heavy Duty Steel Material
  • Ideal For Heavy Vehicles
  • 3 Tons Lifting Capacity
  • Best For Professional Mechanics


Powerbuilt Heavy Duty Triple Lift Jack

Best Floor Jacks 9

The Powerbuilt Heavy Duty Triple Lift Jack is floor jack that is powerful, strong and can easily lift common types of vehicles. It was built keeping flexibility and versatility in mind. It offers great safety and stability while lifting vehicles. The jack also comes with a removable lift saddle and padded rails. It has a maximum lifting capacity of 2 tons, which is more than enough to lift most consumer grade vehicles.

Additionally, it comes with safety bars that can be activated once the vehicle is fully raised up. The good thing about this jack is its flexible design that can adapt to different types of vehicle frames.


  • Heavy Duty Steel Material
  • 2 Tons Lifting Capacity
  • Locking Safety Bars
  • Removable Lift Saddle


Performance Tool Floor Jack

Best Floor Jacks 10

The Performance Tool Floor Jack is designed to be budget friendly. It can take weights up to 1/2 tons, which isn’t much but can work well on hatchbacks or sedans and even on some trucks and SUVs. It also offers safety valve that triggers when the jack is overloaded. It features 360 degree swivel casters that allows for easy maneuverability. The product is made from heavy duty steel material which makes it highly durable.

This is a great jack but it is a little slow. Other than that, it certainly stands up to its promises. It is no doubt a very affordable jack but affordability comes at the cost of quality.


  • Strong Steel Material
  • Swivel Casters
  • Ideal For Cars and Few Trucks
  • Safety Valve

Factors To Consider When Buying A Floor Jack

Any person who likes to fix their car by themselves, should definitely get a floor jack for their garage. A floor jack can make or break your car so make sure you pick the right one.

Floor jacks are available in bunch of different shapes and dimensions. There are different types of floor jacks for different tasks like if you want to replace a tire then a specific type of floor jack might be used in this scenario. They range from small tasks like changing a tire to big ones like changing your vehicle’s oil or rotors.

When it comes to buying a floor jack, there are few factors that you need to keep in mind. Below, there are given few factors that might help you find the best floor jack for you.

Buyer’s Intent

It is very important that you should know what are you going to do with a floor jack. If you are planning on doing simple tasks like tire replacement, oil changing, etc, then you should opt in for a simple floor jack. On the other hand, if you are looking for a floor jack to do heavy tasks like brake pads replacement then you should definitely look for a heavy duty floor strong floor jack.

Stability or Durability

Another thing to look for in a floor jack is stability. A floor jack made out of steel is going to be much more durable than the one that isn’t. However, they can be pretty heavy but some also come with a swivel casters which allows for easy transportation and positioning.

If you are the type of guy who isn’t a fan of heavy things then there are also floor jacks that are made out of aluminum, which is very lightweight compared to steel. In the end, it all depends upon your needs and the purpose for which you want a floor jack for.


Always look for a floor jack that requires very little space in your garage because you don’t want a floor jack to take all the space in your garage. A portable floor jack can help improve user experience. There are many floor jacks that separates into different pieces which can be easier to store.

Weight Limit

Weight limit is an important aspect of finding a good floor jack. A floor jack cannot lift all kinds of vehicles. There are different types of floor jacks for different vehicle types. There are also some jacks that can lift sedans and also specific trucks. If you own a sedan and a truck then you should look for a floor jack that can lift them both. However, keep in mind that it is going to cost you a little more.

Always look for the weight limit when buying a floor jack. Most floor jacks offer up to 2 tons of weight limit.

Padded Saddle

There are bunch of floor jacks in the market that offer no padded saddle. A saddle is a point that lifts the vehicle. If not padded, it can cause scratches on the vehicles. So, make sure to look for a padded saddle to avoid getting scratches on your car.


The floor jacks are available from affordable to expensive. Spending few more bucks can guarantee utmost and reliability. Think about this, an expensive floor jack is technically affordable than replacing the cheap one.

Final Words

So, that was our article on top 10 best floor jacks. We hope that this article was proven helpful in making up your mind about purchasing a floor jack. Most people don’t know which floor jack to get and that’s why we’ve written this guide to help those people. If you have any questions then don’t forget to drop them in the comments section. Also, do not forget to share this article with your loved ones.

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