How To Use Tire Inflator – Beginners Guide

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Without the proper pressure, your car tires can easily burst out. To get maximum mileage and comfortable drive, you should know when and how to use tire inflator. People use different types of tires in their vehicles depending on the weather conditions. Some people use winter tires and some like an all-season tires. It totally … Read more

How To Find Out If You Have Bad Ignition Coil

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The ignition coil is a critical component in a vehicle’s ignition system, and it plays an essential role in starting the engine. It is an electrical device that functions as a transformer by converting the standard 12 volts to a few thousand volts that are required to start the engine. In older vehicle models, one … Read more

How To Remove Wheel Locks – Beginners Guide

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Checkout our buying guide on best tire inflators There was a time when I took my car to an auto repair shop to have the wheels replaced, and the shop owner informed me that my key was stripped. They needed my permission to proceed with removing the bolts by hammering or striking them. I didn’t … Read more