How To Use Tire Inflator – Beginners Guide

Without the proper pressure, your car tires can easily burst out. To get maximum mileage and comfortable drive, you should know when and how to use tire inflator.

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People use different types of tires in their vehicles depending on the weather conditions. Some people use winter tires and some like an all-season tires. It totally depends on your choice and weather conditions as well.

If you want a comfortable and smooth drive with maximum mileage, you should know how to keep your car tires in good condition. It is a simple process, and you can do it by following some easy and simple steps.

There is a choice between a gas station air pumps and a portable tire inflators. When air pressure decreases in your car tire, you feel a bumpy and rough ride. Filling a tire with the correct pressure will help protect against those frequent bumpy rides and tire blowouts.

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How To Use Tire Inflator For Proper Air Pressure

Proper air pressure on the car tires makes your drive smooth and comfortable. Besides, it gives you maximum mileage. A portable tire inflator has a great impact on fuel economy, and they also increase tire life.

Car manufacturers recommend that you must check the level of your vehicle’s tire pressure once a week or so. Some people keep an eye on air pressure whenever they fill up their gas tank while others don’t bother to check until the tire bursts.

Either you use a portable electric tire inflator or air pump installed on a gas station. It is relatively easy and requires little to no effort while filling air in your car tires.

Lets dive a bit deeper and have a look at some easy steps on how to inflate a tire.

Gauging The Tire Pressure

First, you need to measure the tire pressure. For this purpose, a small gauge can be used. Most of the times, a tire inflator comes along with a tire pressure gauge. If not, you can buy the tool at an auto-parts store. This inexpensive and portable pressure gauge can measure the tire pressure and gives you an accurate reading.

For measuing tire pressure, unscrew the rubber or metal valve stem along the inside rim of your wheel. Now, connect the pressure gauge into the air valve. Hold it tight and listen for a light rushing sound as the gauge reads the pressure from the air force.

There you go, after a few minutes, pull the gauge from the air valve and take the reading from the screen installed on the side of the device.

How Much Air Should Be In Your Tires

For finding the recommended pressure of your vehicle, you must read the user manual properly. Car tire pressures usually range from 30-35 psi (pounds per square inch). In some vehicles, air pressure is the same in all tires, but some car manufacturers recommend different values for front and rear tires.

After calculating how much pressure is needed for your vehicle’s tires. You are ready to inflate the tire. If you are using an auto tire inflator, make sure to set recommended pressure. It is a convenient way to fill the right amount of pressure in the tire. It ensures exact and accurate pressure on the tire.

Check Tire Condition

Before filling the air, we recommend that you must check the tire condition. In case of any leakage or damage, make sure to repair it first.

Cold tire holds stable air pressure while hot tire pressure level changes. So make sure when you inflate the tire, they are cool and clean. It would be best if you cleaned the tire before using a tire inflator.

Easy Steps To Inflate a Tire

Recomve Valve Stem Cap:

Find a small cap on the valve. Unscrew or remove it from the valve. Store the valve cap in a safe place. This small cap prevents air leakage from the tire. You can leave each stem cap on its valve so you won’t have to worry about losing them.

Attach The Inflator Or Air Pump Hose:

After calculating the tire pressure, attach the inflator or air pump hose on the valve. Now turn on the pump or inflator. Add air pressure on your tire according to the tire requirements.

For understanding the inflator process, you can read the user’s manual. When filling the air, you should hear a loud humming noise.

It takes few minutes to fill each tire if your tires have low pressure. If you are just topping them off, it takes only a few seconds.

Screw The Valve Cap:

When you finish the process, add this valve stem cap. Seal up the valve so that your tire is less likely to lose air. So every time you inflate the tire, make sure to seal the valve properly.

Repeat The Process For Each Tire:

If your all tires need air, then repeat the process and inflate them one by one.

Watch the below given video if you want to inflat a flat tire:

So, that was our article. Inflating a tire is pretty easy and straightforward task. You can use inflator by following the easy stepsp we discussed above. Proper tire inflation will maximize your gas mileage. It gives you a smooth and comfortable drive.

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