Are Dent Pullers Effective?

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It is almost impossible to avoid getting a dent in your vehicle. No matter how good you are driving your car or you drive as careful as possible, you simply just can’t avoid it because otherwise you won’t be reading this post. So, you’ve got a dent in your vehicle and the first thing that pop up on your mind are, how should I get rid of it? Well, the first thing you can do is, take your vehicle to a local repair shop, and have it fixed there but mind you, that can cost a little more than what you have on your mind.

If you are like me, who likes to do most of his stuff by himself and save money then you can simply do it by yourself by getting a dent puller. You might be wondering what do these dent pullers actually work? Or am I just wasting my hard-earned cash on useless things. Well, if you are looking for a straight answer then “Yes”, they do! But they are ideal for smaller dents on a flat and flexible surface like your vehicle’s door, bonnet, hood, etc. They do not work well on removing dents from bumpers, fenders, mirrors, or other complex parts.

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Most of the times, dent pullers are falsely advertised, making us believe that they can remove any dent on a car but in reality, they are only used for a smaller portion of dents. I’m not saying they are completely useless but people perceive it the wrong way. Oftentimes, they can save you money and a visit to the local body shop. They are very useful tools that every car enthusiast should have in his/her garage.

Types of Dent Pullers

There are currently two main types of dent pullers that are available in the auto market:

Glue Dent Pullers

Like its name suggests, the Glue Dent Puller is a type of product that uses an adhesive and special strip that help get rid of dents. This type of dent puller is often used with smaller dents. The application is pretty simple and straightforward, you just have to apply the glue on the dent and then simply put the strip on the glue and pull it away from the dent in a swift motion.

Suction Dent Pullers

This is the type of dent puller that utilizes the power of suction and they function like a plunger. They are attached to the vehicle surface and a simple pull can help remove the dent. Just like Glue Dent Pullers, they are also useful on smaller dents. They come in many different sizes and can go up to 6 inches.

Another great benefit of the suction cup dent pullers is that they are very cheap and anyone can buy them. However, don’t the affordability of this product turn you off because it is effective in most of the cases.

So, if you are looking for an affordable way to remove dents from your vehicle then you should definitely checkout our guide on best paintless dent repair kits. However, I’d recommend you take your vehicle to a local body repairing shop in case of any large or complex dents.

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