All You Need To Know About Spark Plugs

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Spark plugs play a crucial role in your vehicle. The main purposes of a spark plug is to generate a small spark of electric current between the gap that ignites in the combustion chamber that start up your vehicle. The continous explosions in the combustion chamber help move the pistons up and down and that powers up your vehicle. Spark plugs are made for extreme conditions like heat and pressure.

In simple words, if you don’t have a spark plug, you won’t be able to start up the engine. Spark plugs are directly proportional to an engine’s performance and a bad spark plug can create a variety of new problesm for you. If you have a faulty spark plug, you won’t be able to get the maximum power from your vehicle and you will also notice low fuel economy.

How Frequently Should I Replace Spark Plugs

The best spark plug can go on for few years before requiring a replacement. But mostly it is decided on the miles ration rather than years. If your vehicle has done over 30,000 miles then it is recommended that you should replace spark plugs in your vehicle. The life of the spark plug mainly depends upon the condition and the type. The copper spark plugs can only last for a little wile whereas a spark plug made from good quality materials can last for years.

Why Do Spark Plug Wear Out

The reason why spark plug wear out is because of facing extreme temperatures and conditions. They spent most of their time in such extreme conditions and that is why you should always buy high quality spark plugs because they are the one that can withstand under such circumstrances. Only look for the spark plug made out of strong material. However, that doesn’t necessarily means that a good spark plug can last forever but they can last a lot longer then the one made out of cheap materials.

The air-fuel mixture constantly interacts with the spark plug, which forms a layer of deposits that can start igniting the fuel early. That pre-igniting fuel can cause an uneven supply of energy for your vehicle’s engine.

Another reason why they wear out is because of expanding long gap. If you don’t know what I’m talking about then if you’ve looked closely to a spark plug then you’d have noticed a small gap. That is the gap from which the current travels from one point to another in order to provide the combustion at appropriate times. Since, they face extreme heat and pressure, they can expand and increase the gap. Once the gap is too long, the combustion process won’t be able to take place.

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