5 Signs of a Bad Ignition Switch

Due to the frequent use of ignition switch, it eventually becomes useless but what are the signs to look for a faulty ignition switch before it renders itself completely useless? Well, don’t worry because your vehicle will produce few symptoms that will help you identify if you have a bad ignition switch or not!

Status of the Switch

This is the most easiest way to find out if you have a faulty ignition switch. Normally, there are three stages present in the ignition system. The first one turns the lights on, the second one adds fuel to the ignition system, and the third one cranks up the vehicle’s engine. But when the key gets to the second position and the electronics doesn’t turn on then it definitely means that you have a bad ignition switch.

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Vehicle Stalls in the Middle of a Drive

This is also a common issue that is associated with the ignition system. If you are driving your vehicle and your vehicle stalls automatically while your engine is on then it means that there’s a major issue with your ignition switch. If the condition of your switch is severe then it might take a little while to start your vehicle again.

Vehicle Won’t Start

Another major and obvious symptom of a failing ignition switch is if your vehicle won’t start while switching. If you keep on trying the ignition switch, there is a good possibility that you will drain the battery until it has no power left.

Overheating Switch

If your ignition switch is very hot to touch then there’s a good chance that this issue is related to the ignition switch. The switch is attached to a series of wires and any terminal that is connected using these wires can overheat.


This is only ideal for older model vehicles. If your vehicle’s switch is going bad, you likely won’t hear any clicking sounds from the main relay. So, in this condition, check for your dashboard lights and see if your vehicle stalls.

If you find any of these symptom in your vehicle then get your ignition switch replaced or fixed. If you have any questions regarding this post then please don’t hesitate to post them in the comments.

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